By Kabuye Ronald

Buganda premier Charles Peter Mayiga has urged the central government to support vocational institutions since they grant the future of the country.

While presiding over the 11th graduation ceremony of Buganda Royale Institute of business and vocational studies where a total of 1405 students graduated with diploma and certificate in various disciplines of these 59% were female while 41% were male, Mayiga revealed that such vocational institution are a key in innovation thus producing job creators as opposed to job seekers.

Mayiga also cautioned the grandaunts of considering their academic qualification as the pass port to everything life as opposed to innovations, trustworthy, passion, knowledge, discipline, hard work and preparation especially in the labor market.

In the same way the deputy second katikiro of Buganda who also serves as the education minister in the same government Owekitibwa Dr. Twaha Kigongo Kawaasa, said that vocational education is the only sure way of tackling the 75% of the youth unemployment since it aims at solving social problems.

Meanwhile the Principal Buganda Royal Institute Anthony Wamala who urged the grandaunts to be open, courageous and always hold onto their ability if they are to serve the world with devotion, highlighted the numerous development the institution has done including having the first pair of deaf students graduating with a degree in kindergarten education. These included Sherina Natulinda and Nakiyemba Grace

A cheque of 500,000 shillings was handed to the best student Zziwa Sulaiman who was honored with a diploma in tourism and another of 10 million was handed to the four best innovators.



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