Dear men,
You get into a relationship with a woman, sooner or later she becomes pregnant and gives birth. But in you, you deny to be responsible for her pregnancy. You even stop seeing her, calling her, you cut links with her completely. She is left to bring up the child(ren) alone without you. The child grows as fatherless. You virtually do not feature anywhere in that child’s life; you are a total stranger to the child.
Should the child grow to be successful, someone who the society is proud of, someone reliable, someone prominent; do not envy him/her as to go boasting he/she is your child. Do not even bother to go searching for the woman you made pregnant and abandoned her. Do not even make a claim for that child. Do not frustrate another man’s effort who took that child as his own, nurtured him/her, brought him/her up, catered for all her/his life expenses. The child no longer belongs to you but to the other man, or the society at large.
Just vanish to where you vanished.
And you single mothers, some of you are mad enough to go reconciling with the man who made you pregnant 25 years ago and abandoned you. Some single mums have a permanent attachment with the father of their children. IF you decide to move on, just move on completely and forget the dead beat. Do not frustrate the other man who took you as his own wife, took your children as his. Why should you misuse another man to bring up children for another irresponsible man? Its sad that the term “gentleman” applies when the man is being misused! If you know you cannot move on, stay single rather than frustrating another man later on in life.

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