I didnt Kill Radio Troy Wamala Suspected Killer of Singer Radio Arrested



Mozey’s alleged killer nabbed. Gedfrey ’Troy’ Wamala was found at a friend’s place in Kyengera where he has been hiding.
According to officers, who participated in his arrest, said he confirmed to them that he was with Mowzey, David Washington Ebangit, Pamela Musiimire, one Hassan and others on the fateful day.
He said when the fracas started they were seated on the same table.Washington: On the way out, towards the door of the club, this tall guy, Troy, came shouting ‘you have disrespected the owner of the bar’. He lifted Radio up and threw him down, heard him hit his head down. I heard his head crack. My instincts was to first pick up Mowzey. His eyes had shutdown. We drove Mowzey to Emmanuel Hospital and there was a bit of delay. We than requested for an ambulance to Nsambya. From Nsambya Hospital, we were referred to Case hospital because they told us that the ICU was full. I attended Mowzey’s burial but it is unfortunate that some people think I wasn’t there. I had a security team of about 15 people because I was told I was a key witness in this case. Mowzey Radio didn’t fight at all. This man Troy grabbed him and threw him down. The picture circulating is of the person who killed Radio. I can’t forget the face of the man who killed my brother. I asked Pamela to get Mowzey out of the bar four times. She didn’t do enough to protect Mowzey because she is the one who invited us

He said the fracas was sparked off when Mowzey poured alcohol on Hassan, who got angry and attempted to fight but two were separated before they could even exchange fists.Although he denied beating Mowzey, De Bar managers, who are currently detained by the police accuse him of have assaulted the deceased.
He said it was then that all the people came to his aid and Pamela, Washington and others took the motionless Mowzey to the medical centre.
He said thereafter, he went back to home but learnt two days after the incident that the police was hunting for him, which triggered him to go into hiding.
Mowzey died at Case Hospital on February 1 and he was buried on Saturday at Nakawuku in Wakiso District

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