Difference Between A Husband And A Boyfriend



> A boyfriend let you meet his friends, a husband let you meet
his family.
> A boyfriend takes you out for dinner, a husband makes sure there is food in the house.
> A boyfriend buys you postinor 2, a husband gets you on the pill.
> A boyfriend doesn’t care how you come to meet him, a husband
sends you bus-plight.
> A boyfriend has sex for fun, a husband has sex to communicate
and bond.
> A boyfriend laughs at your flaws, a husband understands your
> A boyfriend insists on come-we-stay, a husband insists on marriage.
> A boyfriend disappears when you lose a job/business, a husband supports until you are on your feet again.
> A boyfriend gets scared when you are pregnant and ask you to abort, a husband takes evening classes/starts a business to provide for the new baby.

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