October 22, 2020
October 22, 2020

Diocese Of Kampala Set 8th Of March 2020 To Enthronement Kazimba As the Bishop Diocese of Kampala church of Uganda.


Most Rev. Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu, Archbishop Church of Ugandan and Bishop of Kampala Diocese Church of Uganda
The diocese of Kampala church of Uganda finalised the preparation to enthronement of Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu as the 8th bishop of the diocese of Kampala scheduled to take place this Sunday, 8th of March 2020 who recently enthronement as the Archbishop church of Uganda.
 According to the diocese secretary, Rev Canon John Awodi the diocese curved out of Namirembe diocese in 1972 to provide for a see for the archbishop of church if Uganda and it’s headquarters is at All Saints Cathedral, Kampala which comprises the three archdeacon, twelve parishes and seven chaplain within the city of Kampala.
“The enthronement of the 8th bishop (Kazimba) of the diocese of Kampala is taking place at the backdrop of the health treat posed by the Corona Virus, the invasion of the region by desert locust, the uncalled for death of some Ugandans in the hands of some individuals who are meant to safeguard the lives of all Ugandans and all God’s people living in Uganda and the death of our young people in the middle East who are looking for better life in those countries” Rev Canon John Awodi show fear and calls for deeper thinking and proper planning so the the peace and security that we have been enjoying is not tampered with by anything that is negative, undeveloped mental and destructive.
He continued to appeal to those who will be attending the enthronement to net the health precautions put in place by the ministry of health.
“Re-echo what His Exellency president Yoweri K Museveni caution us about in his ‘OMUSANA’ on 1st march 2020 to avoid handshakes and wash hands with soap and water. The ministry of health will be at site togather with Uganda Protestant medical bureau to ensure that any health risks are mitigated and we call every one to follow the guidelines”  Rev Canon John said
“we  appeal to the Uganda police force personnel to ensure that they abide the by laws and not use them discriminately to promote the good and freedom of all Ugandan regardless of Creed, association and origin especially in the wake up of 2021 General elections so that we have peaceful, free and fair general elections” Rev Canon John adds
Meanwhile to all Ugandan’s willing to waste their valuable times doing unproductive things such as spending most their time in vetting places, drug and alcohol abuse for those who think opportunities do not exist in Uganda, we appeal to you not to look for and beyond but this untapped resource for your personal benefits and development of Uganda.
He continued welcome the archbishop and bishop of the diocese of Kampala most Rev. Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu as he takes the mantle in the season and period.
“Am sure for the passion with gospel he has greater success and impact will be registered I his city and beyond. So we pledged our total Support and commitment to him as our new team leader and shepherd” Rev Canon John said
This enthronement is taking place at time also when preparations for 2021 General elections are taking place and above all as the diocese plans to celebrate it’s Golden jubilee in 2022.
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