By Johanna Mpindi
The office of the prime minister has today carried out a retreat to review government performance ,focussing on ministries ,department s,Agencies and Local government over the past one year under the theme “Enhanced  Productivity for job creation.

While addressing  cabinet ministers, ministers of state,Head and Deputy heads of Public Service, permanent secretaries, Heads of Agencies , Heads of Missions Abroad and Representatives of Local Government , the minister for Teso Affairs Agnes AKirol said  that the assessment covered 155 High Local governments (Districts and 40 municipal councils focusing on the seven functions that include, Production &Marketing, Health, Education, Roads & Engineering, Water & Sanitation, Community Based Services as well as Natural Resources.

The overall districts out put performance
indicated that 57% of all the local
Governments indicator targets were achieved in the financial years 2016/2017 registering a sought decrease from 59% in the financial year 2015 /2016.

However some  districts have performed lowly at  40% that’s to say, Agago, Bukomansjmbi, Buliisa, Kakumiro, kapchorwa, Manafwa and Moyo.

Best performing districts include Namutumba, Buikwe, lbanda, Mukono,and Mpigi, achieving eighty% of their annual targets.

She added that, in the district approved and released budget,  over all districts received UGX 2.54 trillion that’s is 95.3% of the total approved budget of UGX 2.67trillnon for the financial year 2016/2017 registering an


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