By Mukose Arnold Anthony
For over the last 5 years, youth non violence demonstrations through actions like piglets dumping, chain tying, peaceful  matches, tyre burning among other activism styles have been the order of the day as the only avenue for the poor Ugandans to express their dissatisfaction little did Ugandans know that some these actions could bare international fruits.

The renowned youth activism group the Jobless brotherhood, a group whose trade mark is painted piglets/heads which they always dump at various points like the parliament, state house, KCCA head offices, among other areas as a sign of dissatisfaction on various issues as for over the past years  been struggling with resources and funding, under its national coordinator Norman Tumuhimbise Liberty with its spokesperson Robert Mayanja and the national mobiliser Ojoile Augustine but as we report now the group is divided into after receiving funds from 2 different international donor agencies.
Speaking to the, Norman Tumuhimbise now the head of a new movement called THE ALTERNATIVE which he is soon to registered as an NGO says that there is need to rebrand because they have employed people who would love to join their struggle but fear to be called jobless and also want to train leaders who will contest in the  2021 general elections which makes the jobless name irrelevant.

Though Robert Mayanja who opted not to join the alternative but rather lead the renowned jobless brotherhoods, says that rebranding is good due to the new dynamics and its what they are planning but not changing their name and he is not to act on donor wishes.
He asserts that the problems faced Ugandan youths are not the same of donors before claiming that at one time donors might command them to recruit homosexuals just like they  commanded Tumuhimbise to change the name.

“We’re not certain of the donors’ intentions what if they order us to recruit homos, will we bend to their demands?, Rebranding is good but does it mean cutting off our heads for another head?, The jobless is still there though some of our colleagues believe there should be another name for the group which some of us don’t believe in” Mayanja states.

“This movement is not all about funds because our unemployment problems have nothing to do with funders and they cant understand our problems more than us. Registering an activists’ group as an NGO calls for following registration guidelines yet our movement doesn’t bend to such laws and secondly we’re jobless hence we have no offices since we’re not working”  Mayanja highlights.

When contacted Tumuhimbise last week,  he confirmed forming the ALTERNATIVE what he called rebranding but dismissed donors allegations .
“Its true we are re-branding from the jobless brotherhood to the Alternative not because we are employed now but we are looking forward for a bigger visionary struggle that can compass all people regardless of their status  though we acquired an office at MM plaza but its not donor funds” Tumuhimbise confirmed

Though both of them agree on the relevancy of activism in Uganda but depart on the tactics and strategies to apply.


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