Don’t amend the constitution without full consent of the citizens-Mayiga


By Ronald Kabuye
The Buganda premier Owekitibwe Charles Peter mayiga has advised that the amendment of the constitution can only take place with a full consent of the citizens following a transparent and truly genuine process.
Mayiga made the remarks while deliberating on the Igara west legislators bill Raphael Magyezi aiming at amending article 102b of the constitution which seeks to lift the presidential age limit that stands at 75 years.
He says the constitution is the national covenant in which people and their leaders agree on the principle in which the country can move together as one thus a need to to listen carefully and respect the views of one another before amending it.
He condemned the acts of police arresting those opposed to the bill and the boda boda 2010 militia group that beat up school children for dressing in a manner seemingly attributed to those against the bill saying that such might lead the country into violence.
In the same way Mayiga condemned the ongoing murders in the country and wondered why with the many intelligence organs we have in the country, government and police have failed to arrest and arraign the culprits in the courts of judicature.
He asserted that these acts are aiming at threatening Ugandans and if not addressed they might turn out to be disastrous in the country.
Meanwhile  Mayiga has condemned president Museveni’s threats of arresting those opposed to the land amendments which seek to allow government take over of privately owned land before prompt compensation and the threat to close Media houses that host such characters.
Mayiga says that president Museveni should instead dilute the lies of those opposed to the amendments rather applying such force and threats.


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