October 21, 2020
October 21, 2020




By Ronald Kabuye
The former chairperson of the constitutional review commission and a renowned advocate Prof. Fredrick Sempebwa is opposed to the proposal to amend article 26 of the constitutional that will give government powers to take over people’s land without adequate and prompt compensation.
Sempebwa says that the constitutional amendment bill of 2017 on land is not necessary since its government bureaucrats who bring about the disputes and delay the projects but not adequate compensation thus advising government put their house in order.
He also questioned why government came up with such a proposal before the land commission that it put in place to get people’ views and give them advice on how to handle land matters has not concluded its work.

In the same way Sempebwa sees no need of amending article 102 B to remove the presidential age limit that some people are agitating for since its essence was to have a president that is still fully active and sensible in all aspects rather it was not made to target particular individuals.
Sempebwa also revealed that he doesn’t believe that president Museveni will stand again for presidency in 2021 since he hasn’t had it from him but rather from people around him who are taking advantage of his stay in power.
He also noted that the situation wouldn’t come to this if the term limits were not removed, an action he opposed then.
Sempebwa  also believes that people who are against the same anticipated amendment if they keep their crusade in the real spirit of its essence and police doesn’t unleash on them, doesn’t trump on their freedom of speech the debate will yield fruits.

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