Don’t be a Sausage: Mao Warns Kadaga against Passing Age Limit Bill


By Ronald Kabuye
Police has this morning surrounded the Democratic Party offices ahead of their planned procession to parliament in protest of the anticipated tabling of the report on the lifting of presidential age limit bill and voting on the same.
In his address to the press, Opposition Democratic Party president Norbert Mao reteirated on the same.
He said that the red ribbon campaign is not going to stop at the voting in parliament on whether to lift the presidential age limit or not but rather will stay forever until the change of government is realised.
He said that movement has already registered an achievement of breaking the political molds in which the hitherto has been confined and unleashed a new unity of purpose thus the parliamentary vote will only be a new milestone for a new momentum to ensure that those who betrayed the will of the people pay a political price for their treachery.
Mao also cautioned the speaker of parliament Rt. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga not become a sausage but rather to follow the oath she took and her first decision were she instructed government to do a comprehensive and inclusive constitutional review. Adding that in that way she stands a chance to redeem her tattered image rather than being a sausage.
He further revealed that them as the Democratic forces are struggling for seven pillars which include, restoration of presidential term limits, maintaining the presidential age limit, an independent electoral commission, protection of the independence of the judiciary and parliament, shared power amongst the people of Uganda, freedom of association and guarantee of civil liberties and maintaining the status quo on citizens owning land and adequate and prior compensation by government before it can take over citizen’s land.


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