By Ronald Kabuye
Opposition Democratic Party DP members are to set to walk to parliament from their headquarters at 9am this Thursday in protest of amending article 102b of the constitution which puts the age limit of the presidency at 75 years.
Addressing a news conference at the party headquarters in Kampala, the party president Norbert Mao revealed that they are write to the speaker of parliament on Tuesday about their visit on the slated day.
He says that besides carrying out a procession while wearing their party t shirts, they intend to distribute their K’ogikwatako campaign materials to the MPs amongst other activities.
Mao who applauded the religious leaders for taking a stand in this matter described theirs campaign as a peaceful campaign thus warning that, its only the security organs that will make it violate given the fact that they are exhibiting partisan character.
He said that must of the people are fade up and ready to be the supreme sacrifices and yet still they know were to touch.
“am only telling Museveni that don’t push us so far because you will  cause violence. this is a matter of life and death of the country not a person and I pitty police officers who speak out recklessly, I can assure you that where I come from people are telling me they have nothing to loose.” said Mao.
He also revealed that they intend to petition all religious and traditional leaders and all workers unions on the same after revealing that them and FDC and other Democratic seeking forces have gone so far in reaching an understanding on how to have internal cohesion to have the constitution preserved.
” I urge all Ugandans to trust DP because it’s the one with a long and clean plan to remove president Museveni not just to annoy him.
I also urge Ugandans and DP members to be peaceful but rather make our stand clear and known because what Museveni wants is to shed blood so that people shift the blame on us but we are watching and our plans are based on a sobber minds” said Mao.
It should be noted that some NRM and independent members resolved to table a motion to parliament on this Thursday afternoon seeking leave of parliament to prepare and present a private members bill seeking to amend article 102b of the constitution which stipulates that the age of the presidency should not exceed 75 years.
Apparently security has been tighten at parliament and in Kampala fused with police and military police,  mambas teargas and water tank vehicles.
Meanwhile police  led by the DPC Kampala central police station Joseph Bakaleke Gwaido on Tuesday morning raided the DP headquarters but they were blocked from entering their offices and the room where the press conference was happening from

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