Dpp moves to withdraw Bp.Kibuuka prosecution over imitation


By Ronald Kabuye
The director of public prosecution has exhibited interest in discontinuing the prosecution of the newly consecrated Bishop for central and Eastern Uganda in the evangelical orthodox Catholic Church (ANTIOCH) Jacinto Kibuuka who is accused of the Kalungu east legislator Joseph Gonzanga Ssewungu and the Catholic lawyers association of “imitating” the Roman Catholic Church.
This came to light following a letter that was presented to the Buganda road court grade one magistrate Charles Yeteise but was contested to by the complaint’s lawyer Jude Mbabali thus an adjourned upto 8th of December to have the dpp’s lawyer support it and allowed the accused time to appear before the same court since he was served late through his lawyers of Wameli and Co. advocates.
“our client was not able to come because they never formally served him but instead served him through the media.
When we had of it, we wrote to the complaints lawyers who only served us on Tuesday at 3:09pm and the Bishop was unable to adjust his program.” said Anthony Wameli Kibuuka’ lawyer.
“in the due course of the proceedings we have also learnt that the Dpp has taken over the matter and he intends to withdraw it but we are only waiting for the state prosecutors to formally do it”. He added after court session.
Wameli said that the case wasn’t brought in good faith since the intention is to imprison, ashame and disrespect Kibuuka instead of focusing on  spreading the word of God and let people decide who to follow or not.
Wameli also revealed that they have already filled a case in the high court seeking to stop the complaint’s from  tampering and violating Bishop Kibuuka’ freedom of worship and belonging.
Speaking after the court session, Jude Mbabaali said that the move by the dpp indicates that it’s government behind Kibuuka.
However in an exclusive interview with this website Bishop Kibuuka who said that he now doubts Mbabaali’ academic qualifications if he can not differentiate catholism and Roman Catholic, to stop mixing politics with religion.
He urged Mbabaali and the group to stop maligning him and start telling the truth since he crossed to another Catholic rite after being excommunicated and he will never go back to Roman Catholic.
” Mbabaali is operating on ignorance because if he can’t differentiate between catholism and Roman Catholic, who when and where the vestments are put on and the fact that the Roman Catholic Church doesn’t own the vestments, then I doubt is academic qualifications.” said Kibuuka.
“we don’t get power and encouragement from government but from God and in religion the truth sets us free, I can assure you the more they continue persecuting me,  the more they will expose their nakedness.”He added.
In their prayers to court, they want Kibuuka to stop saying the mass similar to that of Catholic Church and put on their vestments however on various occasion Kibuuka has categorically stated that he doesn’t put Roman Catholic vestments and the mass he celebrates is the one of St John Chrysostom not that of St Basil.


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