October 22, 2020
October 22, 2020

Dr. Sewanyana attributes human rights violation to political inequality


By Kabuye Ronald
The executive director of foundation for human rights initiative Dr. Livingston Sewanyana has attributed the increasing violation of freedom of expression, association and assembly to lack of political equality as opposed to inadequate and good laws.
While addressing the press at Uganda Journalists Association (UJA) head offices in Kawempe, Dr. Sewanyana emphasized that what is at stake in Uganda is the extent at which citizens can access justices, employment, opportunities and social services and equality in everything.
He said that for as long as there is  no systems and framework that grantee political equality, irrespective of whatever good laws in place there shall never be grantee to justice, democracy, governance, respect of human rights,  social and economic development thus in the end breeding  injustice, conflicts, violence, poverty, political intolerence, hatred, refugees and murders.
He adds that the laws are just an enabler which must be effected by political will to ensure equality in everything.
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