Drunk and Fornicating Pastor Proven to be Mentally ill



A Tanzanian Pastor who was arrested yesterday for promoting drunkenness and preaching how the Bible encourages fornication has been proven by medical doctors that he is mentally ill and needs serious mental help.

Nabii Tito showed up in a series of photos while kissing his wife and house girl at the same time hence going viral on different social media platforms as he was also photographed preaching while holding a bottle of beer, and according to him this is right
He however landed himself in trouble after claiming that he was sourcing his inspiration from the Bible. For this reason, the Tanzanian police hunted him down for interfering with the Christian religion.Image may contain: 1 person, standing

After doctors ran a feeble tests on him, it has now been confirmed that the fella is not mentally stable and this could be the reason behind his shocking actions.

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