East African passport suit- Govt given 45days to file defense.


The East African Court of Justice based in Tanzania, has issued a notice to the government of Uganda through the Attorney General and the E. Africa Community Secretary General giving them an ultimatum of 45days to file their defense failure, the matter will be heard as Experte.

In a notice displayed by the applicants before the media in Kampala on Thursday morning, indicated that the government has received the court and the suit.

It should be remembered that three youth activists led by Mr. Norman Tumumbise the national cordinator of a youth pressure group (The Alternative), Mukose Arnold a journalist and Youth Line Forum Ltd a youth organisation group dragged the duo to the regional court over the “illegal” insuance of the international East African e-passport.

These youth allege that the fee being charged for the said passport is not uniforn across the member states and that without any legal backing have decreed the issuance.

That Uganda’s passport is the most expenssive in the region at 250,000/= compared to Kenya with 160,000/=, Tanzania 80,000/= (Converted to Ugx) with worries that Burundi, Rwanda and South Sudan will charge much more than this hence violating Articles 6 (d), 7 (d) & 8(c) of the charter.

The contend that the period for nationals to switch to new passport is little to especially Ugandans living abroad with working and working permits that run for more than 2 years.

That failure for the government to consult nationals violates the over 8 primciples of the charter hence seek for a court injunction over the process until uniform charges have been passed.

They also ask court to declare that the move is illegal and contravenes with several principles in addition to wanting the government to be ordered to issue free passports to nationals living in Uganda in a swap manner instead of an extra 67% increament and those abroad retain the old ones until they expire.


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