By Ronald Kabuye
The electoral commission has finally roll out the long awaited administrative units that’ local council 1and 2 elections in all the 59315 villages and women council and committees from village to national level which will cost them a total of 15.7 billion shillings and elections shall be by lining up behind the candidate, representative or symbol
Releasing the road map for the election at the electoral commission headquarters, the chairperson of the electoral commission Justice Byabakama Mugenyi Simon said that the polling day for election of village lc 1 will be on 21st November while elections for LC2 will be on the 7th December 2017.
Polling of the five members of village women committes will be on the 14th November this year, on parish level it will be on 1st December, sub county/ town/ municipal division will be on 19th December, districts/ city level will be on 17th January 2018 and a national conference for election of the national women committe will be on 31st January to 1February 2018.
According to the days program of the election day, assembly and verification of voters will be from 7 to 10am, then from 10 to 11am they will carry out voter education and voting procedures, 11-11:30am voting by electorates lining up and counting and then the rest of the time will used for nomination and approval of executive members by the village council.
The commission has set up compliant committees from parish level to district level to handle and resolve the disputies in case of any.
Though there is no academic qualifications for one to contest, Justice Byabakama has appealed to the residents to at least approval one literate executive members as appointed by the chairperson.
After the his election, the village chairperson he shall nominate the committee members from the council present and approved by the council one by one by show of hands and these will include vice chairperson, general secretary, secretary for information, education and mobilisation, secretary for security,  secretary for finance and secretary for production and environmental protection and furthermore they shall join the village executive committee by virtue of having been elected chairpersons of the respective village committees of special interest groups.


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