By Kabuye Ronald
Electoral commission chairperson Justice Byabakama Mugenyi Simon has trashed government’ program which suggests that the elections for the Local council one, two and women committees shall be held in April this year.
According to the chairperson electoral commission government has got no mandate under the law to roll out any election program though they have a right to wish or suggest the dates but that doesn’t make it mandatory thus maintaining that until the electoral commission unveils the program for the same that’s when the elections will be held since no body acts on their behalf.
This while responding to the government chief whip in parliament Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa’ assertions that government allocated April as the month the polls will be conducted since the funds that were allocated for the same were instead re allocated for hunger management.
Meanwhile the commission is agitating for the arrest and prosecution of candidates who bribe voters saying that it’s the only way  this behavior can be done away with besides nullifying their victory and sensitizing the public.
“We need to engage the public, police and DPP’ office  so that the culprits are arrested and prosecuted in the process of an election that will act as a deterrence to other candidate” said Byabakama
On the issue of civil society organisations sueing the commission in protest for voters lining behind their favorite candidates during the LC and women committee elections, Byabakama said that these are sueing a wrong a party since they are not the ones that made the law but rather parliament.
He however said that as a commission they are ready to defend themselves in the courts of law.


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