Eight million people cannot afford basic needs, poverty increases -ubos report


By Ronald Kabuye
The final house hold report conducted by  Uganda National Bureau of statistics (Ubos), has revealed that poverty has increased amongst Ugandans from 19.7% to 21.4% in the financial year  2016/2017.

This means that 8 million people out of the 37.7 million population can not afford to get their basic needs due to the bitting poverty.
Despite the poverty rate declining in karamoja region from 43.7% in the year 2012/2013 to 32.5% this financial year, it still leads in having the highest poverty levels.
The report also indicates the poverty is most in the eastern Uganda, especially in Bukedi, Busoga and acholi however it has declined in Teeso and Lango.

Hiked prices for goods and services, climatic change, draught have been cited out as the main causes of poverty in the country.
The report also indicates that poverty has tremendously increased in rural areas with 31% as compared to urban areas with 15%. The rural population makes 76% of the country’  population but their rate of poverty stands at 86% for the entire population.
While presenting the report, the executive director of UBOS Ben Paul Mugyereza said a lot needs to be done to fight the bitting poverty in the country.


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