September 30, 2020
September 30, 2020

End Fake Weighing Scales On Trade Market, UNBS Launches E-Minzani System


By Andrew Vispere
“Summary, E-MINZANI, Is an online system that is going to help us to verified weights and weighing minzani/equipments in the country. It’s a platform of which each and every Ugandan should be able to register the weighing scale put in a special identified that is on that particular equipment and the process will be followed up by NNBS inspector”.
Ben Manyindo the executive director UNBS said that the implementation of Weights and Measures Law (Cap 103) of the Laws of Uganda is currently undergoing review to align it to international requirements and best practices that encompasses health, environment.
“Weights and measures law is to ensure that the equipment used for trade is verified for correct measurements and accuracy at regular intervals as required by the Law and therefore protects society from the consequences of wrong measurements” Said Mr. Ben
However, In the FY 2018/19, UNBS verified 144,791 counter machines, 6,483 spring balances, 4,302 platform scales, and 144,471 energy meters. UNBS believes that there many more equipment on the market that needs to be captured in the database.
Leticia Namubiru Manager Metrology Explained how E-MINZANI work’s, E-Minzani will require data and that person goes online of if you download the E-Minzani App directly to your laptop or smart phone, once you have the E-Minzani App you have to register your details as the owner of the weighing scale of measuring equipments, that way you will be able to creat a special account on that App (E-Minzani) with the amount of money that already captured on E-Minzani that will be able to charge Government fees of that particular equipment.
“we have been receiving several complains particularly on weighing scale (Minzani) from our stake holders about the fact that many our inspectors goes  out and grabbed their instruments and of which the community may think it’s their money yet it’s Government money”
” E-Minzani will impremented free trade for everybody to be able to acquire UNBS services across the entire country at the same rate. It will help to creat trust 1.1 us and the stakeholders as well as the buyers, Government revenues will also be bank by them selves direct using that App, however Ugandans can expect to be start getting a clear and accurate measures and the several equipments are, spring balance, counter scales, weighing bridge, energy metres, fuel pumps etc” Added Namubiru
Minister for trade, America Kyambadde who was the guest of honor at the launch said that, it has been much pain with Minzani, issues whenever I talked to traders the response is Minzani.
“Because you have not been explaining to the people what weighing scale works to fight against this common problem and the UNBS enforcement team was the common course of this problem at time of confiscated of fake Minzani” Said Kyambadde
However this new system will help to address such issue and the traders should stop cheating the Government.
“My appeal to you is to give clear sensitization across the country for a given period of time then it will result into good busines community, improve and transfer as well as traders” Said Kyambadde
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