Eperu’ appointment threatens Mwiru’ job in FDC


By Ronald Kabuye
Hon Paul Mwiru ‘ job as the deputy spokesperson of the opposition Forum for Democratic change is under threat following the appointment of Sarah Eperu as the head of public relations in the office of the current president Hon Patrick Amuriat oboi.
Appointed by the former party president Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu as the deputy spokesperson early this year, Mwiru risks being stripped of the same responsibility since he is critical of the new president Patrick Amuriat oboi addition to his role i being suffocated already by the presidential mouth piece Sarah Eperu who has just assumed office.
This is evident in her speech to the media that her major role will be to identify who to address the media on any issue which she believes will help in doing away with the monopolisation of the people that address the media.
However this will not stop at contradicting and undermining the office of the party’s spokesperson headed by Hon Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda who is also nursing wounds of Muntu’ loss but also further the turbulence in the party.
The fdc party constitution gives the president of the party to appoint and sack deputy secretaries at any time which has led those appointed by Muntu into panic making them uncertain of their future in the same positions.
It is also thought that Amuriat is planning to appoint Eperu to replace Mwiru so as to legalize her role in the party since the position she is holding now is not provided for in the party constitution.