Ex-Crane/DFCu workers give former bosses 40days to pay 48bn terminal benefits



Mukose Arnold Anthony

Over 400 former dfcu/crane bank employees countrywide have served bank of Uganda and dfcu  notice of intention to sue if not paid their terminal benefits amounting to forty eight billion shillings (48,000,000,000).

In a press statement released on Wednesday morning through their lawyer and the CEO for Center for Legal aid Uganda Mr. Isaac K Ssemakadde at Hotel Triangle in Kampala. The complainants contend that in 2017, they were illegally laid off by DFCu bank after its takeover of Crane Bank on allegations ofeconomic, technological and structural reasons where as others were allegedly induced to resign by subjecting them to unbearable discriminatory and degrading working environment.

They further accuse DFCu of undermining their performance capabilities by shifting their working roles and responsibilities without mutual understanding; a manager from former Ibanda Crane Bank branch, Mr. Arinaitwe Mactose was required to work as a teller after dfcu’s took-over crane of bank if he wanted to continue working with DFCu.

Ssemakadde said that this act doesn’t only violate the rights of an employee but also contravenes Article 28 (1)&(2) of the Employment Act which provides that;

  1. “A contract of service “shall” not be transferred from one employer to another without the consent of the employee.
  2. Where a trade or business is transferred in whole or in part, the contracts of service of all employees employed at the date of transfer “shall” automatically be transferred to the transferee, and all rights and obligations between each employee and the transferee “shall” continue to apply as if they had been rights and obligations concluded between the employee and transferee”

“This act isn’t only illegal but also violates Article 28 (1)& (2) of the Employment Act” Mr. Ssemakadde said. These employees have therefore threatened to sue BOU and Dfcu if by Christmas period all their grievances are not settled.

“Our clients, their families and dependants have suffered distress, humiliation, mental anguish, inconveniences and financial loss among others due to this unlawful and unfair dismissal” Counsel Ssemakadde added.

“we wrote to the MD DFCU requesting them to pay terminal benefits to each of our clients as compensation but this was never complied with” Ssemakadde further informed.

Counsel Ssemakadde on behalf of the complainants has called upon Financial Intelligence Authority, Police criminal investigative department to investigate, arrest, detain and charge the current DFCu managing director Mr. Juma Kissame over the ridiculous bank balance of USD 40M (United States Dollars forty million) equivalent to UGX 152bn (Uganda shillings one hundred fifty two billion shillings) as per 1st  march 2016 at Bank of Africa and the suspicious transactions made on the same account thereafter which were made shortly before the controversial takeover of CBL by DFCu.

Ssemakadde contended that Kissame behaved like Old chief Kakande of early days who in a short periodwithdrew abnormal cash on his account and that under theAnti-Money Laundering Act (AML), Kissame should be investigated.

Ssemakadde further requested the Inspector General of Government(IGG)to investigate Bank of Uganda (BoU), Deputy Governor, Louis Kasekende on his involvement in the controversial DFCu takeover of Crane Bank.


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