By Kabuye Ronald
With just a day left, Uganda’ journalists to join the rest of the world to commemorate the   world press freedom day that happens on every 3rd day of May, we have exclusively learned that the Uganda Journalists Association UJA Land title for its known Komamboga land is missing.
According to the insider sources the president Robert Kagolo is only bragging with and holding onto a land title of he neighbouring Doctor who the former leader Joshua Kyalimpa sold to few decimals to accommodate her road  at five millions Uganda shillings.
The association that is apparently faced numerous problems including but not limited to lack of funds, in and external fightings or disagreement especially on the way the president executes his role in isolation of the other executive members, is likely to loose it’s land in Komamboga Ntinde, Nakawa Division under Kampala capital city authority that is valued between 300 to 400 millions as of today if much is not done to revive the association and follow up on the same.
According to the many members of the executive that we talked to whenever the land title issue is raised the president Kagolo turns radical and storms of the meeting.
It is also alleged that seeing pressure mounted on him he decided to compromise two executive committee members he is now working with thats the deputy Secretary General Matovu Rogers and Buganda region representative Wilfred Senyange to have is unpleasant ambitions come to pass.
when Robert Kagolo had just assumed office in his first term of office in 2015 he called a press conference where he exhibited the UJA land title that he had recovered from KCCA , ittle did he know that he was just wudwinked by KCCA land board that would not stand the pressure thus execution of their work in era hence issuing out a wrong land title to kagolo that he moves with up today and uses for his propaganda.
As of now one is right to conclude that UJA has got no land by law despite getting rent from its tenant on the Komamboga land which money is used to meet the rent dues of the office located on lions building along namirembe road in Kampala that was abandoned.
we have also learned that a faction with in the Executive led by the secretary general Bayola Moses,  Organising secretary Mukisa Daniel, deputy publicist Kigongo Issa and other members apart from deputy secretary and representative Buganda region have moved a motion to impeach the UJA president Robert Kagolo on grounds of incompetence, lack of transparency and accountability.
The secretary general Bayola Moses confirmed the developments.
“I received a letter from some executive committee members proposing his impeachment and I summoned him for the meeting which he has on several occasions relectauntly refused to attend”  said Bayola
When asked whether the constitution empowers them to impeach the president   he answered in the affirmative.
“article 10 of our constitution gives the executive and general assembly powers to impeach the president” added Bayola.
Wilfred Senyange a representative of the Buganda region who believes in Kagolo’leadership also confirmed the development and he was very quick to indicate that he is only working with kagolo on the programme of the world press freedom day celebrations thus he also questions the execution of his work.
“You See Mr Kabuye we don’t have to appear disorganised on such a day because it’s a national and international day but Iam also not contented with the way kagolo is running the association” said wilfred
the two factions of the association have different arrangements for the celebrations Kagolo’ led wing has joined UNHCO to organise a dinner at imperial royale which is said that attendance for the members of the press will be by invitation.
The Bayola led faction is also set to organise theirs at Sheraton gardens according to the press release issued by them.
“NGO’s are gathering @chogm square for the same celebrations, and the official celebrations led by Uganda journalists association are to be held @Sheraton gardens.so let no one confuse you fellow members and the public that UJA has joined any other organization to commemorate this day, both occasions are separate.” reads the release.
“A group of three UJA members including the president depending to what they were promised which the executive doesn’t know, decided to respond to UNESCO and other organizations invitation thinking that UJA will not manage to organize this function since there was no money, but the remaining executive members have tried there level best to source requirements from different service providers to make this function a success, so the national celebrations of this day led by UJA are to happen @Sheraton gardens on 3rd may 2017 starting@8.00am, i wish to inform the public that we are not fighting for this day, No! we are pushing for our freedoms too, members are free to join the chogm square celebrations or the Sheraton one since the cause is celebrating world press freedoms day” concluded the release from Bayola faction
This year’s celebration are to run under the theme critical minds for critical times: media’s role in advancing peaceful, just and inclusive societies.


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