Failure to budget for FP program hinders districts adolescent issues


By Davis Joel
Although non state actors and some government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs), have tried their best to sensitize the public about curbing the overwhelming population growth, these efforts are dilapidated by some district officials.

This is evidenced by the exact amount put aside to finance the population related issues at the district and sub county levels.
In a pilot investigations, done in the districts of Isingiro and Kiboga, under sponsorship of  a youth health minded organization particularly in basing in family planning issues dubbed HEPS Uganda, revealed that district leaders and sub county chiefs, careless about issues of popular control especially family planning related affairs.

Family planning issues are some of the most possible measures in preventing or curbing unnecessary or unprepared new born at all levels, if handled adequately.

Globally and in Uganda today, the population numbers of the youth triples the numbers of the older persons yet most of them are not employed and are still dependants which affects the country’s economic growth too.
In the same vein, although its under the constitution mandates that each district must create at least a youth adolescents subcommittees to handles issues relating youth at every district, this has not been put into action in most of the districts in Uganda.
This has caused a lot of miss communicating information amongst the youth especially when it comes to sexual reproductive health, where every youth perceives different information when it comes to reproductive or sexual health.

Non state actors like HEPS Uganda, urges district, sub county officials at each district to at least provide 5% of their financial budget to handling reproductive health since the uptake of the sexual health issues is found wanting at these levels.
“The five percent should at least cater for purchasing condoms, sensitization of youth, funding the youth sub committees at these levels, and even purchasing other related family planning prerequisite like Medicinal tabs, and other contraceptives” Prima Kazoora, the community empowerment program manager at Heps Uganda revealed.
It is also found that most of the district and other local leaders pin at each other for not playing their role she it comes to such matter, and others claim to have inadequate funds to run the project, other are failed due to poor planning for such issues.
Ssalongo Kibwami Nuhu, the vice chairperson Kiboga district, and also doubles as the in charge education and children affairs at the district, told this newspaper site that they are constrained because of the limited local tax collections gathered from the neighborhood business and other avenues to empower the cause nevertheless they would very much want to support.
“Most of our collections are sent to central government and as the district we remain with a small portion to handle every other district concerned staff, including infrastructure, education, hospitals, salaries among others” he added
Unlike in the district of Isingiro,some step is ahead is take in empowering population related issues in that the district has allocated at least some funds to support the youth affairs, with a youth sub committee in place, however, still challenged with proper planing measures.
Prima Kakoora from HEPS Uganda says that this matter of empowering youth through their health must serious be handles before it goes to the worst, if the country is ready to curb issues of population growth especially under the youth.
Uganda currently has about 80% of its population being in the age of the youth, some educated but unemployment and most of the others uneducated. Now this therefore leaves a vacuum that unless the root cause is handled at the stem level whereby sexually aging youth are sensitized about the measures of population control, ways of avoiding unwanted pregnancies, and new birth, adequate use of family planning methods among others, Uganda’s population is to continue growing over years.


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