Fake Hepatitis B vaccines On The Market Says NDA



The National drug authority (NDA) have urged the general public to be vigilant over Hepatitis B vaccines on the market. According to Hellen Byomire Ndagije, executive director product safety from NDA, they encountered counterfeit hepatitis B vaccines from eight private health facilities (hospitals and clinics) , namely: Mbarara community hospital, Devine Mercy, Mayanja Memorial hospital, Family doctor’s clinic Ntungamo, Mbarara city clinic, UMC hospital (BUKOTO), Malcom health care (Kisasi), and Kampala medical chambers(Buganda road).

“the exercise further let to impounding of more counterfeit Hepatitis B vaccines from immunisation camps at Mbale central market managed by unscrupulous personnel, and others at Mbabara University camp which was run by Sanyu medical centre, Katabi along Entebe road” Hellen said. Asking her, the authorised type of Hepatitis B vaccines recommended by the government to be used, Hellen said that, the brand is available in two registered pack size, like 1ml ampoules and 10ml multi-dose vials, adding that, the 1ml ampoule pack is supplied to the private market and and is identified by a white label with two green bands at the top and bottom part of the labels, respectively while 10ml multi-dose vial is supplied to the public (government) sector and is identified by a White label with two purple bands at the top and bottom part of the label.

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