Farmers urged to embrace modern farming methods


By Kabuye Ronald

Farmers  have been advised to adopt modern methods of farming in order to get more yields and income from plantation.

While interacting with different farmers’ groups in Nakaseke district,the aspiring women member of parliament 2021 Esther Nakawooya also encouraged¬† farmers not to loose hope or give up on farming while basing on the previous low prices of maize in villages and the weather changes.
She also  advised the farmers to continue working hard by using modern methods like fertilizers and irrigation system which will smoothen the fight against poverty.
In addition to sensitising the farmers on how to benefit from the modern cassava plants dubbed “Nakawooya cassava” that take only three months to mature, Nakawooya also launched the project of giving out modern farm chemical spray pumps to help farmers in growing vegetables,fruits and coffee thus defeating the pests especially during this rainy period.
Namusaale farmers group led by there chairperson Miss Kagodi mary applauded Esther Nakawooya for being a merciful and trustworthy person who listens to people’s concerns and addresses them in her small capacity and for not trading empty promises like those in authority.


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