By Kabuye Ronald

Forum for Democratic Change Members of parliament from Acholi region have threaten to exit FDC and mobilize their constituents to follow them if the wife to their flag bearer Dr Kizza Besigye and Oxfam International Executive director Winnie Byanyima doesn’t come out and public ally apologize to them for standing surety to is nephew Mathew Kanyamunyu who is accused of murdering child rights activist Kenneth Akena Wanton.

The mps led by the Aruu County Mp Odonga Otto, Aruu North mp Ruth Aciro Otim, Kilak County MP Gilbert Olanya and Agago women mp Akello Judith Franko said that they could stand the hypocrisy any more in the party.

“am extremely annoyed, Winnie Byanyima of all people we in the FDC we regard her as the first lady to come out and stand surety to the killer! This is an insult to the people of Acholi and the moment Bynyima fails to come out and apology to us we shall quit the party, this is total madness of highest order” Olanya said

 In fact Winnie Byanyima threw us another silent bomb today we felt so bad to see her defending the murderer and yet she even knew the details and truth its absurd though we don’t have the money we shall monitor closely we have evidence and want to warn in case of another by election I will not go as FDC but rather as independent because Byanyima has betrayed us as another big snake.” Ruth Aciro Said.

“You send us condolences at the burial of the late that we Condone with you and today you actually turn around what happened today? Our elder has decided to choose blood over us and am also told choosing blood” said Akello.

Meanwhile Odonga Otto has revealed that as family they have asked for the pretrial meeting with the prosecution so that give in addition evidence to punch up the loose ends.  

It should be noted that earlier in the day Winnie Byanyima survived being lynched by Akena’ relatives for standing surety for the accused


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