FDC attacks NRM over commercializing elections, wants taxes on social media and mobile money retracted


By Ronald Kabuye
Opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC has criticized the move by the ruling National Resistance Movement NRM  to give it’s MP flag bearer in every constituency 3 millions and the candidates vying for local  and women Council elections  between shillings 100,000 to 200,000 to help them mobilise for support.
Speaking to the media at the FDC party headquarters the deputy spokesperson Hon. Paul Mwiru said that NRM has totally turned politics into a business as opposed to a service which has killed the politics of the country hence leadership crisis in Uganda.
He has cautioned the public against voting for those who compromise them with money since once they are elected into leadership position they will also charge them for every service.
FDC has also expressed concern over the unfair treatment of it’s candidates by both security agencies and electoral commission to the extent of stopping their candidate’s from nomination especially in Wakiso, Ssembabule, kampala, Rukungiri, Kapchwora and Kamwenge districts before calling for calm amongst their supporters.
FDC has also appealed to  president Museveni to retract the taxes on both social media and mobile money taxes since they bar smooth communication of the people and their participation in financial inclusive sector respectively.
Mwiru said such prohibitive and high burden taxes where they over tax the same people in urban areas can not prosper a country adding that must people will resort to dodging it.
He advised government to inject much more in agriculture and industries which can bring about balanced taxing rather than burdening citizens with uncalled for taxes.


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