FDC cautions Amuriat over disuniting, discriminatory messages.


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
Opposition Forum for Democratic change FDC deputy spokesperson Paul Mwiru has cautioned Patrick Amuriat Oboi one of the presidential candidates over disuniting messages he is allegedly disseminating to the delegates accussing some members of manufacturing disunity with in the top leadership of the party contrary to the campaign guidlines thus warning that once proved the party will not hesitate to discipline him.

In an interview with our reporter at the party headquarters in Kampala, Mwiru said that they have not yet received any formal complaints of such accusations on the accused but if received, investigated and Amuriat falls a culprit, the party will have to sit and decide on how to go about him.

” Apart from reading in papers, we havent received any complaints regarding the accusations but if we happen to receive and investigation implicate Amuriate that he has been circulating such false and disuniting information, either the voters will punish him or the leadership will sit and rule on the way forward” Mwiru warns.

“I dont know who these leadersĀ  Amuriat is talking about because they all sit in the same meetings and work togethe” Mwiru said

For over the years eversince the new leadership was elected, gen Mugisha Muntu has been accused of not being in good acord with the secretary general Hon Nathan Nandala Mafabi, secretary for mobilisation Ingrid Turinawe among other leaders which they claim has left the party in pieces.

Amuriat who is among the 5 candidates vying for the party top seat spit fire against Muntu while addressing delagates in Teso subregion last weekend before shifting his campaigns to Buganda where he is now.

The race has other candidates including the incumbent Mugisha Muntu, Malkom Matsiko Dan, Hon Mubarak Munyagwa SSerunga and Byamugisha Moses


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