FDC cautions foreigners against violating citizens’ rights



By Ronald Kabuye
Opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC is dimayed with the mob freedom accorded to the foreigners that has led them to violate citizens rights to the extent of murdering them.
The remarks follows the murder of a 11 year old Dickens Okello by Indian investors in Lira district that sparked off a protest match where six people were shot at by police.
It’s on the above note that the party president Engineer Patrick Amuriat Oboi has cautioned foreigners to treat citizens as human beings as opposed to oppressing them because of their status and resources.
He added the once they take over power they will withdraw all favors given to foreigners by the state
Amuriat further castigated the police for handling the protest in amateurish and irresponsible way by shooting at the protesters.

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