By Kabuye Ronald
As the ruling National Resistance Movement  party is celebrating its 31st victory anniversary and liberation of Uganda at Masindi golf and sports club grounds under the theme: Uganda’s success story under NRA/NRM leadership is a shared victory, Opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC has described the 31 years of NRM in power as years oppression of Ugandans.
according to the party deputy secretary general Harold Kaija if the 31 years was a child it would be the one that God would forgive the parents if they aborted him.
Kaija said that the country has spent the last 31 years in tears, exploitation , oppression, nepotism, high level of grabbing the country’s resources and land, 85% of Ugandans being jobless, 19 women dying every day, 7 million people are starving,  18 trillions borrowed and not put to use and 31 years of creating enemies.
its on this note that Kaija summed up the NRM rule as a disgress and a curse to the country hence imploring all Ugandans to wake up, fight and defy the current leadership.
In the same most of ugandan citizens especially those considered to be lower income earners like hawkers, market vendors and among others have described the celebration as total waste of money.
However According to Mike Kennedy Ssebalu, MP for East African legislative assembly (EALA) also a member of NRM national disciplinary committee, NRM has improved the country’s economy in all aspects including extension of services delivery system comparing to ancient regimes.
Despite this Sebalu is cognizant that his party has failed to improve the quality of those services.
In the same Katumba William, NRM cadre also senior citizen acknowledged the achievements of NRM though notes that peaceful transition of power still remains a challenge.
Meanwhile grass root civilians including market vendors, hawkers among others have commented on the NRM anniversary as wastage of time and tax payer’s mone


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