FDC committes to fight the land probe preliminary recommendation



By Ronald Kabuye
Opposition forum for Democratic Change FDC has committed to rally Ugandans to outrightly reject the preliminary recommendation by the land inquiry commission to abolish all the district land boards and the mailo land tenure systems since allowing the same will be depriving Ugandans their life.
Addressing a news conference at the party headquarters the spokesperson of the party Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda said that the move is a trick by President Museveni to manage the entire land in the country excluding the people using the justice Catherine Bamugemeirere commission of inquiry to do the work for him thus cautioning her to desist from giving non pro people recommendation.
Ssemujju wondered how the commission can even think of giving full control of entire land to president Museveni who he allegedly said is the prime suspect for the land grabbing since he has been dishing out public land and failed to manage it.
” it’s unfortunate that the one who is grabbing land wants to manage the entire land excluding people which we shall not accept, we shall continue to give leadership and tactics to people protect their life because land is life”.
Now FDC joins the Buganda kingdom to publically declare that they will fight the recommendation to abolish or fuse mailo land tenure system into other three system

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