Opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC has exhibited greedy for the East African Legislative Assembly EALA representative by sending two candidates in parliament for approval as opposed to one person emerged victor in their primary elections yesterday.

According to the letter addressed to the speaker of parliament, authored by FDC secretary general Nathan Nandala Mafabi dated the 7th of February 2017, the party presented two candidates who include Kamateneti Ingrid Turinawe who was the second in their primary and Hon. Ekwau Ibi Florence who emerged first in the primaries claiming the two position belong to FDC since it’s the only official opposition party basing on numerical strength.

“The FDC is the official opposition in parliament according to the constitution of article 82 A, the administration of parliamentary act section 2(2), 2(2b), 6A, 6b(1and 2) these clearly spell out the position of the ruling party and official opposition party in multi party  democracy in regard to numerical strength. EAC treaty is also clear on multiparty democracy” read the letter in part.

It should noted that FDC had agreed to send only one person in parliament for approval and that’s the winner of their primaries and in this case is Ekwau but surprising the party has this disregarded its earlier stand.

Despite conceding defeat on Monday, Ingrid insisted on going to EALA claiming that the two slots for opposition are supposed to be for FDC thus appealing to all FDC mps to fight for their slots so that she can also go as the second best.
Ingrid who also described the current EALA as a caucus for the ruling dictators said the even when she fails to make it to  EALA she still stands by the defiance campaign that recognize Dr. Besigye as the president and will continue to popularize it.

Ekwau merged the best with 20 votes while her closest competitor and secretary for mobilization gunned 18 voters, other included Ayo Innocent gunned six , Baguma Patrick got seven voters, Tindyebwa Joseph got two votes, Kyambadde wilberforce got four voters, Paga Gloria got five voters while Mayemba Herbert and Ojubile Augustine left empty handed.


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