By Kabuye Ronald
Opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC has called for  regulation of the education sector and redesign of its curriculum if  its be retrieved from being a lexury to a right.
Addressing a news conference at their party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, the party’s deputy secretary general Harold Kaija said that the ruling National Resistance Movement has systematical neglected the education system yet its aware that world over education is the backbone of any country since a country is as good as its human resources.
He said Beside government’ failure to enhance teacher’ salary, build infrastructures , provide scolaristic material and comprehensive supervision, the country has no clear defined vision thus the schools are misguided  on what exactly to teach the children that fits country’ interests.
FDC is also dismayed with the private sector business men who they say have liazed with government officials to further frustrated and oppress citizens by hiking school fees and requirements which can only be  afforded by the few rich yet the quality of education remains low at government’ watch.
in the same way FDC wants government to reflect more on the health sector so that all ugandans can get the desired and deserved  health services other than seeking it from abroad.
he cited the lack of malaria drugs in 10 northern districts and number of people who die everyday while in hospital which death he attributed   to the reckless, corruption and embezzlement by government officials simply because they have insurance to get medication from abroad.
Meanwhile FDC described its party president Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu and Democratic Party DP Norbert Mao  meeting over EALA representation as un informal since it wasn’t sanctioned by the party.


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