FDC describes president M7 speech as old rhetoric full of nothing



By Ronald Kabuye
Opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC has described the state of the nation address by the sitting president Yoweri Kagutta Museveni as disappointing, historic rhetoric, pure nothing based on blame game.
This has been said by the party president Engineer Patrick Amuriat Oboi during his address to the media at the party headquarters in Najjankumbi.
He blamed president Museveni for boasting of the population growth yet his government has failed to cater for its basic needs like good health care, education, employment and provision of electricity at a low cost and to further insult Ugandans whose biggest population can not afford two meals in the day with the success of his family by bragging that his daughters are only enjoying his wealth since he planned for his family well.
Amuriat also said that president’s attack on the international community and the opposition was so misguided since non of the two injects in money into the riots and to malign Uganda.
It’s on this note that Amuriat requested for evidence from president Museveni on his assertation or issue an apology incase he fails to provide evidence.
He said that by the president attacking the international community he was running away from accountability since the donors will directly contribute seven trillions out of the 30 trillion of this year’s budget.
Amuriat further said that president failed to address the real problems of the tired and angry population that’s frustrated due to lack of achievement in whatever they do while many can not find jobs.

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