By Kabuye Ronald

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC party president Maj. Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntu has lashed at the ruling National Resistance Movement party for its incompetence in issuing EALA selection guidelines.

Addressing the press after presenting the former Kabairamaido women MP Ekwau Ibi Florence’s nomination forms back to the clerk of parliament, Muntu attributed to party’ presentation of two candidates for the EALA opposition position to lack of guidelines to the whole process.

Muntu said that this follows the negotiations between opposition representatives in 2012 to acquire more posts in the EALA representation which they sent to the top leaders who to date not responded to their request which has prompted them to return nominations forms for two candidates instead of one that is Florence Ibi Ekwau who emerged first in their elections and the second runner up Ingrid turinawe.

Muntu added that they now leave it to parliament to decide whether to take one of both before urging government to send guidelines for the LC1 and 2 elections which will comprise over 60,000 posts to avoid conflicts

Meanwhile Florence Ibi pledged to render her best to EALA thus urging her fellow contenders to work hard so that Uganda benefits from this integration through collaboration and corresponding between EALA and Uganda.


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