FDC issues new guidelines as more party secrets are leaked


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
Tension, mistrust and mole accusations within Uganda’s main opposition political party the Forum for Democratic Change gains momentum each day as internal security, confidential resolutions in meetings are claimed to be leaked to their opponents especially to the ruling NRM.

This tension was revealed yesterday by the party security head and co-Busia division mayor Sadik Amini last evening at a new year Kampala party office dinner where he stressed that several secrets have been leaked by the most believed in members who use confiscated pens, spectacles and phones leaking them to their enemies  before the meetings end, inaddition to stealing party files to which give they give to their opponents.

After having highlighted all their security weaknesses as head security he passed orders aimed at securing the party secrets.

“Members be keen about women and most especially of my religion (Islam) and those who come in our confidential meetings with confiscated pen, spectacles and phones, because they use them to record and send files to our opponents before the meetings end, as head of security am to ban all these gadgets in the meeting immediately regardless of who you are even if he is Dr. Kizza Besigye, we shall tell if he can not leave his phone behind, let him quit the meeting because he might be recording.” Shadique Amini orders.

Our members especially the youths are being used to spy on us simply because they are unemployed so its upon the mandate of president Patrick  Oboi Amuriat to create employment channels to our youths so that they get what to do”  Amini highlights.

At the same dinner, party national secretary for labour and pension   Habib Buwembo dismissed claims of party betrayal and spying on tribal, age sex and religious sentiments by giving examples of Maj Rubalamira Ruranga, Minisita for  Kampala affairs Betty Olive Namisango Kamya, Kitgum legislator  Beatrice Atim Anywar who were among the founding members of the party but  betrayed the party.

“Its true we have moles within us but its on individual basis which we shouldn’t connect to tribes, age, religion or sex because elders like Maj Rubalamira Ruranga, Betty Olive Namisango Kamya, and Beatrice Atim Anywar among others whom we used to like and made us join FDC since they were senior leaders.
since the party formation, some of us (youths) have been on the forefront of this struggle so we shouldn’t be over pinned” Buwembo said .

Alice Amony the Nakawa 1 lord councilor attributed the high levels of rumor mongering and betrayal in the party to idleness and appeals to the youths to get what to and not to despise job.


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