FDC launches national wide tree planting programme


FDC president Patrick Amuriat Oboi planting a mengo tree seedling at party headquarters in Najjankumbi. Photo by Ronald Kabuye

By Ronald Kabuye
Opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC has today launched a programme dubbed “save the planet campaign, FDC green Uganda were they are rallying all Ugandans especially their members to plant fruit trees across the country.
While launching the programme, the party president Eng. Patrick Amuriat Oboi said planting trees is everyone’s duty to participate in since land slides, desertification, floods, global warming and climate change among other natural calamities affect all including the future generations.
He added that the campaign is a sign that FDC doesn’t only preach politics but also cares about lives of every Ugandan by preserving and restoring the environment which brings about good health.

FDC president Eng. Patrick Amuriat Oboi with some FDC NEC members posing for the photo. Photo by Kigongo Ayub

Ingrid Turinawe, the party secretary for mobilisation and organisation said that they will implement the programme in three phases, at the burial functions where they have replaced the wreath with tree seedlings and planting the same at the burial places where FDC is represented, at the events and rallies party official attend they will be honored by planting a fruit tree.
They have also declared every last Thursday of the month as the save the planet day where everyone is urged to plant a tree.
Over 30 tree seedlings have been at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi.


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