FDC Lord councilors divided over Kyankwanzi leadership training


By Mukose Arnold Anthony

Despite majority of the opposition lord councilors voting against attending the proposed National Training Institute at Kyankwanzi on 9th November in the KCCA council meeting, the main opposition political party the forum for democratic change FDC is up to now still at crossroads over allegations after some of its lord councilors confirming their attendance of the said training which has lured the party to summon them today.
The meeting that is organised by the kampala minister Betty Olive Namisango Kamya is estimated to cost over 125 million Shillings on the 280 Authority and Urban Division Councilors who are said to having confirmed their attendance,

Though the party spokesperson Paul Mwiru dismissed it as being main reason for summoning the councilors but this website can reliably report that it is the main issue on agenda beside the national delegates conference.
Mugisha Moses Okwera councilor Nakawa I said that today’s summon is like any other summons he however added as FDC councilors they can not be to part of NRM Kyankwanzi motivated program.

However two FDC councilors who preferred anonymity revealed that they will attend the kyankwazi training since they need the certificates.

“FDC facilitated our victory but can not facilitate our future, we need these certificates, what if the ruling NRM (majority) enact a law barring any person (s) to contest for higher offices without NALI certificate this means our political careers will be buried? They contend.

“Lord Mayor passed through Kyankwanzi, why do they want to block us from getting such trainings, this is not about money but about the lessons and knowledge we are to get from there. We are not kids that we are to be brain washed by the ruling NRM ideologies from Kyankwanzi, by the way we are to be among the first persons to board the bus to Kyankwanzi on Tuesday. besides we still have more years to the next election and I can assure you that by 2021 our voters will be on other issues not Kyankwanzi” two lord councilors said.

“If NRM had written to us about the said training and requested us to send our facilitators as opposition, we wouldn’t have any problem from letting our councilors to attend but since we are not part of the facilitators , then we are against the proposal” Mwiru the FDC spokesperson noted.

“Najjanankumbi is their (councilors’) home and are free to meet and discuss any issue, their coming today has nothing to do with Kyankwanzi” Mwiru added