FDC officials set to meet police officials over rights violations


By Ronald Kabuye

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC party has revealed that their in advanced stages of meeting the police chief and his deputy on how they can work together especially when they go to the field.
This has been revealed by the party president Engineer Patrick Amuriat Oboi during a press conference at the party headquarters saying that what they are going to do given a chance this week is not kneeling before the police but to demand for their rights which include freedom of expression, speech, association and assembly, and to get a clear police’s understanding of public order management act POMA before warning that failure to agree they are ready for a show down.
The call follows police’s foiling of their recruitment rallies last week in Rampara county.
In the same way Amuriat appealed to government and parliamentary committee on defense and internal affairs to release the report on the massacre in Kasese to get a clear accountability on the event that led to loss of many people’s lives and landing over 100 people in prisons
FDC believes that if parliament findings and recommendations are true and pro people, they can be used to pump both local and international pressure for justice to the people of Kasese.

Meanwhile FDC has appealed to the constitution court judges to stand on the side of the people by seeing sense in the petitioners arguments because failure to do so they will appeal to the public court.


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