FDC rallies Ugandans to isolate the 317 MPs that supported the age limit act.


By Ronald Kabuye
The opposition Forum for Democratic change FDC has called on Ugandans to isolate all the 317 members of parliament who voted in support of the age limit removal act.
This has been announced by the FDC president Hon. Patrick Amuriat oboi during a press conference at the party’s head offices in najjankumbi.
He said that the public should know that the 317 legislators are outcasts to society and not their representatives hence should isolate them in all public places and isolate their businesses.
Amuriat said that their isolation campaign doesn’t need to be guided by any law since the constitution is clear that citizens should do everything possible to defend it.
Other things the party intends to do include offering legal assists to all the petition filed against the age limit removal act, using their network across the country to resist the amendments through other activities they intend to announce on Tuesday or later and putting in place a hot line to help those who were affected in the togikwatako campaign and in the due process of their up coming activities.
“it’s unfortunate that all words of wisdom to Museveni have fallen on the deaf ear,  all the 317 legislator are true enemies of Ugandans and should be treated as such.
Those legislators want to create blood shed and want to take us in the past.” said Amuriat
“we are going to take deliberate steps to fight back to this mess,  Museveni and the few should know that this country doesn’t belong to them, it belongs to over 35 million people.” he added
On the revolving murders in the country, Amuriate has appealed to the police chief Gen Kale Kayihura to step up in his duty and operations to put a stoppage on those murders in addition to telling Ugandans where the murderers are coming from.
“It’s not enough for Kayihura to reshuffle cops and Museveni to condole with the families of the deceased with out putting an end to the murders” said Amuriat


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