FDC to resume Tuesday national prayers on top of the red ribbon campaign


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
The opposition Forum forĀ  Democratic Change FDC has today announced that they are resume their weekly prayers begining tomorrow through out the country at all their offices.

In a weekly press briefing at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, Paul Mwiru the deputy party spokesperson said that these prayers are to be cordinated by the acting party president Ms Alice Alaso Asiati and they are part of the age limit campaigns on addition to the red ribon strategy.

Mwiru says that these prayers are non-partisan and open to all players who want a peaceful Uganda.

“We are resuming our weekly Tuesday prayers beginning from tomorrow at 10am and they are to be at all our different district offices and these prayers are non-partisan but for those who wish to have a better and peacefull country” Mwiru

“These prayers are to be cordinated by our acting party president Ms Alice Alaso and Sheikh Katuramo the party secretary in charge of religous affairs so we call upon all our local and district leaders to fuel up these prayers” Mwiru highlights.

In the same way I ddi Ouma the party national youth chairperson said that as the legislators go down to the electorates to consult, they too with their youth MP Ana Adeke are to traverse the country meeting the youths seeking their views on the same.

He has cautioned police against disrupting their consultations and their prayers on since they have fulfilled all the constitutional requirements.

Mwiru has confirmed that all the party presidential candidates have resumed their campaigns but with the ant-age limit message on top of the agenda.


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