FDC trash involvement in Abiriga assassination as Sheik Obed kamulegeya, Amuriat lash at Abed Bwanika, UYD alumni over FDC, Besigye attack.



By Ronald Kabuye
Renowned Muslim cleric sheik Obed Kamulegeya and opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC  party president Eng Patrick Amuriat Oboi have lashed at  People’s Development Party PDP President Dr Abed Bwanika and the Uganda Young Democrats Alumni who recently blamed the four time presidential candidate Rtd Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye and FDC  for delaying the change in the country and selfishness.
Speaking at the iftar ceremony organized by FDC at the party headquarters, sheik Kamulegeya advised the three time presidential candidate Dr Bwanika to venture in fish farming rather than making unfounded statements against the party before threatening to reveal the person funding the Abed and group to attack and blackmail FDC and Dr. Kizza Besigye.

The party president Eng Amuriat also reteirated the same before asserting that FDC is the strongest party in the country which president Museveni shivers on hearing it’s  name as opposed to other parties which he termed as brief case parties that he says president Museveni infiltrated.
He added that unlike other parties not at any one time will President Museveni infiltrate and distabilize FDC.
“FDC has been built on sweat and blood and we are the strongest party in Uganda, tell Museveni about FDC  he will shiver but about other brief case parties like DP and UPC he will go to sleep.
Museveni has no vacancy in FDC and FDC will never die.” said Amuriat.
Meanwhile he requested the Muslim community to pray  against the current wave of insecurity in the country before exhibiting dismay over the way government and NRM points fingers at FDC over the slain Arua municipality legislator Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga assassination Instead of fishing out the really criminals.
He condemned the security agencies hunt for FDC’s Obongi county legislator Hassan Kaps Fungaroo over allegations that he was behind the chaos in Arua after the arrival of slain Abiriga and body guard bodies.
“We request the Muslim community to pray for the country since Mr museveni doesn’t understand the solution to the insecurities in the country.
Museveni and NRM have failed to look for the criminals and are instead pointing fingers at FDC and Hassan Kaps  Fungaroo, we protest such and any other kind of attack on FDC because it’s a party of peace just like Islam”  said Amuriat 
It should be noted that President Museveni and several ruling NRM officials and legislators have pointed fingers at opposition as suspects in the assassination of slain Arua municipality legislator Hon. Rtd Col Ibrahim Abiriga and his brother who also doubled as body guard Kongo on their way back home at Kawanda Matugga wakiso district.

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