By Kabuye Ronald 09/01/2017
Opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC has vowed to devise all means possible especially through parlement to recover the 6 billion that was shared amongst 42 government officials especially from Uganda Revenue Authority, Attorney general’ office and the finance ministry as a presidential hand shake for the oil attribution case in London.
addressing the press, the party’ deputy secretary General Harold Kaija revealed that the party will tomorrow Tuesday, their working committee will meet and comprehensively discuss the matter before coming up with relevant proposals to be taken in parliament to help in recovering the money.
FDC also wonders why the officials got a bonus more than their salaries without following the stipulated procedures before contending that ruling government collapsed years back only that its lucky that the people are mind less.
another issue on their agenda is persuade parlement not to adapt the proposed lining behind that Local council one and two candidate since it has numerous consquences including but not limited to hatred, waste of time and barring whoever who benefits from public money to vote for opposition or independent candidates for fear of losing their positions.
meanwhile FDC has reteirated Besigye’ terms if their to hold any dialogue with the sitting government.
Kaija says the kind of dialogue they will embrace and structured one with neutral mediator and venue, with a clear agenda and with grantee that what is agreed will be implemented.
He added that their many unsolved issues that must be dialogued on including security issues, federal, the transition from the current government to another, the independent international auditor into the concluded elections and separating the NRM from state institutions which he say this to be comprehensively resolved it must be inclusive of all stakeholders.


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