FDC’S Amuriat clears air on Bugiri municipality candidacy


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
Following opposition supporters and members disagreeing on who should contest for Bugiri municipality MP seat between JEEMA boss and senior lawyer Asuman Basalirwa and former district FDC woman MP candidate Namatende Eunice “Mandha Mayaaka”, the opposition forum for Democratic change FDC president engineer Patrick Oboi Amuriat has refuted social  media claims of them (FDC) being unfair by contesting against Basalirwa.

Speaking to this website, Amuriat said that the discussion is being expressed on social media platforms mostly of facebook, twitter and whatsapp but as opposition players are yet to discuss and agree on a common candidate.

Amuriat revealec that as a party they will not look for those interested in the seat unless they approach them for the dialogue.

“Until now we have not yet got any proposed candidate, unfortunately what I can see is a discussion in the social media. no body has approached us as the FDC to look into the matter but still we are  waiting and welcome for discussion if approached by DP, JEEMA,CP to agree on who to rally behind” Amuriat cleared the air.

This comes as the hypocrisy allegations testifies each day on social media, after different supporters and  members accusing each side on being selfish and self centered.


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