FDC’S Amuriat to release 100 days leadership report



By Mukose Arnold Anthony
The opposition Forum for democratic change FDC boss Patrick  Amuriat  Oboi is in the final stages of compiling and releasing a report of his 100 days of leadership entailing his achievements and failures by the middle of this month of march.

This revelation has been made by Amuriat who said that though much has been achieved but there are some few issues and programs that haven’t been achieved like expected however much  all programs are moving on well as planned and promised.

Amuriat added that immediately after the compilation is done, he will have to release it at FDC headquarters in Najjanankumbi next month.

“We are putting together a report to show our achievements and will be inviting all media houses in the middle of this month to tell you what we have achieved in my first hundred days: so in the middle of this month is when we’ll have an appointed day and we’ll be informing all of you so that you come to Najjanankumbi and will be giving the report of the 1st 100 days” Amuriat revealed.

It should be recalled that immediately after being elected as the party president on 24th November last year in a delegates’ conference at Namboole stadium, Amuriat gave himself a timeline of 100 days with specific agendas and targets.

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