By Johanna Mpindi

Police will be checking for weighing stickers at the places were fika Salaama check points where launched as a new initiative to fight the increasing road damages and accidents.

Addressing news conference at police headquarters in naguru, the Director  of traffic and road safety AIGP Dr. Kasima Steven revealed that the move was informed by last week’s accident Which claimed 13 lives of people who were heading back to Tanzania after a wedding,  where a Fuso carrying  heavy scrap materials lost control and collided with a coaster.
Kasiima says their inspecting report  will indicate the trucks that miss weighing at their weighing point which they will mand with uganda National Revenue Authority.

He added that police is still  rolling fika salaama checkpoints both at the permanent checkpoints and mobile check points thus refuting the public’s assertation that Fika salaama check points have been suspended.

He however revealed that, police is facing a challenge of drivers dodging fikasalaama points though they are not seated.
The Operations will not spare vehicles that are in dangerous mechanical Conditions especially the passenger Service Vechiles though there is no time frame given for the operation


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