Finally barter trade video by Ghizard Madiba is out in HD


By Ronald Kabuye
Its no doubt that the barter trade audio and video song by Ghizard Madiba might turn out to be one of the major hit songs in 2018 especially after the release of its video on January 4th.
Ghizard is one of the promising raising stars all music lovers especially the dance hall style diehards should look out for.
It’s title barter trade clearly explains the content in the song and today’s love life where love is exchanged for one thing or the other thus one can not wait to watch it’s video after listening to the audio.
In the HD video done by Jay boy of hinter land video, Madiba starts up by checking in from aeroplane and on his way he meets a beautiful lady probably a slay queen who he stops and he asks for barter trade with her.
The dances, costumes and story used in the video totally marches to the content in the song.
The Audio of the song was done by Eddy dee in clear touch studios and mastered by Acton.
Ghizard Madiba has released numerous songs though they have not been doing well on market probably due to poor marketing. These include olupapula, kakalabanda, tt’abawala among others.


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