Finally Donald Trump Concedes Loss In The US Polls

By: Denis Kayongo. Series of events moving at a high speed let some air out of Trump’s frantic efforts to undermine the will of the people. The effort was termed as a stress test for American democracy.

Finally Donald Trump Concedes Loss In The US Polls

However, Trump’s attempts to foment a crisis of confidence in the political system are far from over. They are likely to persist well beyond his lame-duck presidency.

As she explained her decision, Murphy cited ‘’recent developments involving legal challenges and certifications of election results.’’ She acted after Michigan on Monday, and certified Biden’s victory in the battleground state. And a federal judge tossed a Trump Campaign lawsuit on Saturday seeking to prevent certification in that state.

The concession came at a time when an increasing number of Republicans were publicly acknowledging Biden’s victory. They were at a breaking point due to tolerating Trump’s baseless claims of fraud for too long. The president had grown increasingly frustrated with the failing tactics of his legal team.

When she failed to begin the transition process sooner, Murphy begun to receive bipartisan criticism. This is because she was in the way of Biden’s team working with career agency officials on plans for his administration.

The delay denied Biden access to highly classified national security briefings and hindered his team’s ability to begin making plans. However, Murphy insisted she acted on her own.

‘’Please know that I came to my decision independently based on the law and available facts. I was never directly or indirectly pressured by any Executive Branch official – including those who work at the White House or GSA,’’ she wrote in a letter to Biden.