By Ronald Kabuye
Police directorate of Fire prevention and rescue services commonly known as fire brigade is still fighting fire that guttered almost three acres of market view village in kisenyi two parish, Kampala central divison destroying property in over twenty billions.
According to some of the eye witnesses and leaders in the area, the fire broke out yesterday night at around 11pm but the fire brigade took a while to get to the scene which gave space to it to spread to various corners and with their their arrival they seemed unprepared. To this moment the cause of the fire has not yet been established
The Kampala lord mayor visited the scene and inspected the entire area which prompted him to blame the fire brigade police for being reluctant despite being in the vicinity of the area.
He also demanded for a comprehensive report of the intimidate fires in the city which at the end see the occupants evicted, he also appealed to government through the ministry of disaster to extend a helping hand to the affected community.
“First I extend my sympathy to the business community and residing community of this area, we demand a comprehensive investigation into these dangerous fires that break out in the city time and again and cause loss of property and lives, secondly government has got appropriations in regards to disasters so they should come to the rescue of the business community who have lost their capital, who had their every thing in life here. “ said Lukwago
“Today you see fire and the next morning the place is condoned off and excavation are going on while the concerns of people are not addressed so I hope this fire is not caused by people who want to grab land here” lukwago added
The area councilor to the KCCA moses Katabu and the kampala central Divison councillor Oringejje Simon peter just like the lord mayor partly attributed the cause to the land wrangles.
Oringa also estimated the loss to be in 20 billions and contends that the entire kampala and the nearing countries are to face posho crisis since the source of production has been destroyed.


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