Fr. Kibuuka donates to Kira health centre íii, leaders want it elevated to hospital level


By Ronald Kabuye
The Bishop elect for central and eastern uganda provinces Jacinto Kibuuka, the Kira municipality mayor Julius Mutebi Nsubuga and the head of Kira health centre íii have urged government to give priority to the  said health by elevating it to a hospital level given the overwhelming numbers of patients they handle a day with minimal resources and equipments.
The appeal came after father Kibuuka together with a team from mamre prayer centre donated to the health centre, most especially to the expectant mothers, mothers and children.
According to the kiira municipality mayor Julius Mutebi Nsubuga and the head of health centre Mupeere Charles the centre works on over 15000 patients monthly with no full doctor but only a medical officers.
The centre also lacks a theatre, ambulance and it quickly run short of medicine given the numbers yet they are on push services and on top of that the centre is under staffed.
Their assertion is that once it is elevated to a full hospital, the current problems will be history.
Mutebi also revealed that by the time he assumed office a year back the health centre didn’t have a water source and pit latrine was in sorry state but this has been over turned in addition to an extension building which is yet to be completed.
“we have finished designing a draft master plan for the health centre which awaits council approval in addition to adding it a chunk of land all in preparation for the hospital.
The status of Kira municipality and the overwhelming numbers of patients worked on on the daily basis which ranges from 200-300 patients requires it to have an hospital with things like x-rays, full maternity suites, full functional laboratory amongst others.” said Mutebi.
Meanwhile Father Kibuuka who a handed the hospital leaders and patients, a number of things ranging from boxes of gloves, diapers, tooth paste boxes, sacks of sugar, promised to procure benches with lean on for the out patients and pregnant mothers before calling on the public, clergies and cooperate companies to always give in the little they have to such causes.
The Bishop elect Jacinto Kibuuka who awaits his consecration on the 11th of November and who will host the first ever synod in Africa which will see over 50 bishops from the 5th of November also appealed to government officials to prioritise Kira health centre íii since it doesn’t only stop at treating people in Kira municipality but also those from the neighbouring areas.
He also described conditions under which the health centre is operating in as an alarming one which needs quick intervention of the line officials and partner or donors.
During our tour of the hospital we realised that words were so packed some with no ventilators,  at the out patients reporting centre, many patients were sitting down due to less benches available in the small tent.


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